ー First of all ー

Do you know about the Ryukyu Soukyoku?

Although "the sunshine" is very popular,
many people don't know that the koto is played with it.

…To tell the truth, … I didn't know either. ^^;

The Ryukyu Soukyoku is extremely common in Okinawa.
However, I'm afraid that there are few opportunities to hear it here in Kanto.

I hope more people know about it as the same "koto".
So, I decided to introduce it on my website.

I've been hesitant to talk about Ryukyu Soukyoku because I am a " yamatonchu ".

But, it's my honor to have gotten the qualification of the teacher in 2012.
I hope to help extend this world from now on.

【 contents 】 1:the history of Ryukyu Soukyoku
2:about the instrument
3:about the Kouyoukai and practice rooms

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