Lesson Information about the Ryukyu Soukyoku

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1.trial lesson

You can take a trial lesson. Please make an application by email.
I'd like to talk about when and where you want.

 ☆ trial fee = Free

 ☆ To men, only one who was introduced is available.
   I ask for your kind understanding.

2.place for lessons

※ I may be able to give lessons where you want.
 (In that case, please bear the transportation in addition to lesson charges.)

Toda class day : Monday 〜Thursday(10:00〜19:00)※you can decide day and time after talking.
     Sunday and Saturday = I talk to you each time and make an appointment.

access : 2-minute walk from Toda-Koen station of Saikyo Line.
Kita-Karuizawa class day : During a stay(around once a month)
     ※ You need an appointment each time.

access : It's near the "Asama farm" in Gunma Pre.
      It takes about 30 minutes by car from Karuizawa Station.

3.lesson fee

【 General 】 ☆Please make an application with your friend for the pair lessons.
1 lesson/1 hour the number of times
    /1 month
Toda class ☆ each lesson course
 ・private = 3,000 yen/ once
 ・pair = 5,000 yen for 2 people/ once
☆ monthly course
 ・private = 8,000 yen/ 1 month
 ・pair = 14,000 yen for 2 people/ 1 month

It's up to you.


three times(monthly fee)

【 CHILD 】 (for children under 12 years old/private lesson only)
1 lesson /30~45 minutes the number of times
       /1 month
Toda class
☆ twice course = 5,000 yen/1 month
☆ three times course = 7,000 yen/1 month
two times(monthly fee)

three times(monthly fee)

4.rental service

I can lend my musical instrument to student of private class for up to three months.
(charge = 1,000 yen /1 month)


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