hitorigoto ~ soliloquy

I write down here what I want to do, and what I'm interested in now.
What can I do?
I believe in myself, and will walk step by step.

☆I want to make my music video.

I start now first.
I want to make the koto music video in which I play my favorite song
and use the photos taken by myself as background.
I hope I perform it on a live stage someday.

I made a trial product in 2007.
Now, how should I make use of it?


In autumn, 2018.
This attempt, which I had long laid, finally became a series works.
They are named "Seasonal songs" by Kotonoha.
I am very glad that my works have been used in such way.

☆"Seasonal songs" show the images of every season.
  I hope you enjoy each of them in my youtube channel. → 『Churagoto Youtube』

☆You can download them at the web shop of KOTONOHA, "BASE". → 『BASE』



☆I want to play the koto in a familiar place.

I want to play for people who have few opportunities to listen to the koto.
I'll do my best.

☆I'm making the koto score for beginners.

I have a bit of a problem to teach the koto to young children.
I'm afraid it is difficult to choose suitable textbooks for them.

In order to keep their interest in the koto,
it is effective to let them play the songs they know or want to do.
But in many textbooks for beginners,
folk songs and nursery rhymes have been taken up so far.

The trouble is that children of today don't know them.
On the contrary, they seem to hear them as the songs of another world somewhere.

So, I have arranged the songs such as Disney or The Beatles at their request.
I made them with the same tuning as much as possible
because I intended to play them like a medley.

Recently one of my students played on her own. She seid "this is my concert!".
She looked very happy. It is certain that children feel more and more fun
when they come to be able to play their favorite songs.

I will try to arrange various songs from now on.
I wish to make up a textbook for children by myself someday.

☆It's never too late to begin something.

There is one woman who came at the time of Tsukiji classroom start.
She was 71 years old at that time. (I write it down with her permission.)
Now, she is the most eager student in my classroom.

She did not learn the koto in a childhood.
She said there was not good opportunity to learn,
though she wanted to play it all the time from youth.
Then last year, she heard about my Tsukiji classroom, and thought "now is the chance!".

It was unexpected until now, but I am very glad to be able to help the person
of the age whom I can call "mother".
I always see that she plays the koto very joyfully and receive stimulation very much now.
Age does not matter to begin something. I feel like she tells me so.

Now, I send a message to every seniors.
Would you like to play the koto with me?

If you have a pain in a knee, you can sit down on a chair and play.
If power of the hand weakens, you should loosen the strings of the koto.
If it is difficult to tune a sound, you can use a machine.

If you really want to play the koto, there are a lot of methods.
I help you with my pleasure.

☆Can I do something helpful with my koto?

My feeling for the koto has been changing a lot in the last few years.
"Can I do something helpful with my koto?"
Such thought has been getting strong since the earthquake of 2011 in particular.

I was saved by the koto at the time of that terrible disaster.
I was able to forget sad things and suffering matter while I played.
I only played it, but my mind calmed down and got a lot of energy.

The sound of the koto must have mysterious power to heal the heart of people.
I suppose that's why the koto has been loved and handed down
from more than 1000 years here in Japan.

What can I do with my koto?

I know one important thing is following tradition.
But I want to entrust it to other players with more influence than me.
I would rather do something only I can do with my sound. I desire to find it.

I still need to do my best. My life has just begun.

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