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Kotoji(琴柱) is the movable bridge
which supports the string of the koto.
We usually take them off, and put them on each time playing.

It is one of the most important characteristics of the koto
to tune up with these bridges.


【when sitting on the floor】

Zasou(座奏)means sitting on the floor and playing the koto.

When we play with "zasou style", we need a stand to put on the koto.
There are several types of stand.

 Ryuushu can be attached to the koto.
 They are generally called "neko(=cat) ashi(=paw)"
 because they look like paws of the cat.


 This is the most normal type of stand called "torii-dai.
 We put the koto on it.



  “Jibako” is the box type.
 We can put away bridges in it.
 It's convenient, but we must not use it
 on the stage.

【when sitting on a chair】

Rissou(立奏)means sitting on a chair and playing the koto.
In this case, we use stands called rissou-dai such as the next picture.

There are two types. Both are sectional stands.
We can fold them when not in use.


【music stand】

We use the exclusive music stand such as the next picture (left one)
in the case of zasou style.

When we play with rissou style, we also use the general music stand.


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