about the koto

The koto is one of the Japanese traditional musical instruments.
I'm sure that almost all Japanese people know it as knowledge.
But I wonder how many people have listened to its real sound actually.

 The sound that was broadcasted on New Year.
 The music that was recorded as BGM.

I think most people only have heard such sound.
And very few people have had the experiences playing the koto.

I feel very sad when I think about it.
Why has the koto become far from the Japanese?

Tradition. Formality.
Though it's necessary to keep and hand down them,
I suppose there is something more important.

The koto is not any special musical instrument.
Everyone can play it with each fun.

 "I want to play the piano."
 "I want to play the guitar."

I want you to remember the koto as one of such choices.
I really want to make an opportunity for you to get closer to it.

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